Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yellowstone Trip: a Few Interesting Sights from the Trip Home and Some Remarks on the Trip

Mount Rushmore from the road; park still not open

From Gardiner MT we drove to Gillette WY on the first night; Kadoka SD the second night; Albert Lea MN the third night; LaPorte IN the fourth night; and got back to Syracuse in daylight on the fifth day. It can be done! But it is a long slog to do in five days. Going out, I took six days and could have used more.

Five thousand miles total; about 2100 miles in each direction plus 800 miles looking here and there and going down to Jackson and back to Gardiner. 

The battery in the 5 year old Subaru died in the driveway two days later. Lucky!

Badlands at dusk

Rattlesnakes where people are directed to walk their dogs

Fields of sunflowers

 Stylized tipis in many SD rest areas, and in this one a replica of the keelboat, the biggest boat the Corps of Discovery took up the Missouri, right past here and seen today in the distance, from St. Louis in 1804

 Riding rabbit 

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  1. Exceptional shots!

    It's been a long while since I was at Rushmore.