Friday, October 4, 2013

Gardiner MN to Jackson Hole WY

Leisurely day's drive around the west side of Yellowstone NP, up the Gallatin River valley from Bozeman, through West Yellowstone MT and then Idaho potato country, back into Wyoming, over Teton Pass and into Jackson Hole. I drive north of Jackson as the clouds lift to see the Tetons emerge.
A hole is a valley. The town is Jackson. 
The geography can be confusing. Yellowstone is mostly in Wyoming except for a sliver in Montana to the north and west, and a sliver in Idaho to the west. Why that is, is an interesting surveying story which I won't tell here.
For comparison's sake, to drive through the park from Gardiner to the South Entrance of Yellowstone NP is about 95 miles.
To drive from Old Forge to Lake Placid in the Adirondacks is about 98 miles.

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  1. The autumn snows look glorious. And the mountains beckon. It's been too long that I've only been climbing in this part of the continent.... Beautiful shots!