Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Approaching Yellowstone from the North

Another long day...
and I am kicking myself that I didn't know about Pompey's Pillar near Billings.
The first photo is of the mountains to the east of the Yellowstone River 
on the 50-mile way into Gardiner.
Then, a bull elk at Gardiner, by the edge of the Park. 
This park is not only closed but acting like it is under siege. It is a strange feeling. 
People are unnerved, outraged, deeply disappointed. 
There are stories about victims: 
people stranded at Cooke City with planes to catch in Bozeman; 
school kids not allowed to travel through the park to get 
from West Yellowstone to Gardiner for a game; 
Asian travelers who spent a fortune to get here; 
the last vacation of someone who is terminally ill: 
a few of the many travel stories interesting in their own right.
Still, only inside the park can one see the geothermal features all we visitors came to see. 
Further down, pictures are of ancient tour busses, 
an interesting stone in the historic Gardiner Cemetery, 
and the two-minute light show up by Electric mountain that does not correctly predict the snow coming tomorrow. These mountains generate their own weather.

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  1. It's been too long since I've been to the mountains. Seeing these shots just makes me miss it all the more.

    I know of Pompey's Pillar now... but when I was in the area as a child, had no idea about it.