Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gardiner MT and Heading Home

Lunch in Bozeman yesterday.

Alas, our trip into Yellowstone is not to be. Every day we make the best, which is not too shabby. The wildlife isn't limited by the park boundaries. The great loss for us is not being able to see the geothermal wonders, thousands of them, that exist only inside the park.

So today, Wednesday, we decide to head east from Gardiner where we spent our last night in Montana. Ed was originally scheduled on a flight from Jackson next Monday. We abandon that plan and make the drive home together. We see more cool stuff, as you will see.
Dinner last night in Gardiner.

This elk fellow hangs out with his gals at Gardiner. Rut is nearly over, though apparently not for him. He spots a nearby female. He trumpets, quite thrilling for us to hear, and chases her. She neatly avoids him. My bet: she is already pregnant. He goes on trumpeting and acting unsettled. The gals are not interested.

 Yellowstone River


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  1. The landscape and biodiversity of the west always astonishes me. Beautiful pics.