Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Lakes: Walk for Southern Sudan

Water, precious water. 
How easily I take it for granted. 
We were recently surrounded by it as we traveled along the Gaspe peninsula. 
Today we are walking at Green Lakes, where the water is clear and appears green.
We are challenged by those who would forever risk the pure water in the aquifers between here and West Virginia by hydrofracking. How, I ask, can we consider compromising the safety of the fresh water with which this planet is blessed? How can we? Money is at the heart of the matter, and that has made many people willing to take the risk, which I regard as an unacceptable risk.
And then, here at Green Lakes, I find this sign along the way, left from over the weekend when there was a walk for aid for southern Sudan, which has very little water, and for which people must walk many miles.

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