Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gaspe: Anse-Blanchette at Forillon

Anse-Blanchette at le parc national du Canada Forillon was occupied right up to the formation of Forillon as a park in 1970. It is a rich site, restored carefully, which includes house, barns and sheds, ramp, shelter and landing at the shore below, and cod drying racks, so that the lives of a fishing family are made quite real.
This is to be our day to take a boat to look for whales, of which there are many species here. The wind is huge, though, so that neither the whale boats or even the boats to l'ile Bonaventure are able to launch.
Still, there is a day's worth of looking to do at Forillon, and more. Experiencing the not-even-extreme winds for a day at water's edge in this remote place is worth the disappointment of the lost boat trip.

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