Monday, May 3, 2010

Onondaga Redhawks and Pinewoods Smoke Play Box Lacrosse

If you want to see some action, go to a box lacrosse game. It's hard and fast, and it is totally local. These men are superior players who have been playing lacrosse since they were babies. We went to the season opener at the Onondaga Nation Arena in Nedrow on Saturday night. 
You are looking at the Onondaga Redhawks playing the Pinewoods Smoke from western NY. The Can-Am Senior B league of Native Americans plays in Central and Western NY and Ontario from now through mid-summer. Visit for the schedule and much more.
Lacrosse has been played around here for hundreds of years. Local people were playing an even more strenuous game long before the Jesuits arrived. 
For a terrific interview of Oren Lyons by Bill Moyers, visit here:
This is a great article on the history and culture of Indian lacrosse:

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  1. It's a tough sport. I have seen a few matches on TV. Not sure how many people play the sport in my neck of the woods.