Thursday, May 27, 2010

2525: Sparkzilla Looks for St. Louis


  1. This is the best photo of a mid-western dimosaur ever.

  2. Now I may have to challenge that. It is a startling coincidence that we both posted St. Louis dinosaurs today. Yours is in stealth mode, heavily camouflaged.

    Mixed up times at our ODARs here, Ed. Judge Jewell is now HOCALJ over both downtown and Creve Coeur. Judge Mein is transferring to the new Topeka ODAR. In CC, Mance is going to Topeka, Eckert is going to St. Petersburg, Pappinfus is going to Lexington and Steitz has accepted an assignment from some other federal agency (DOJ?) for 12 - 18 months to teach about American judicial systems - in Iraq! Lord knows when they will be replaced. Would you consider coming back once in a while?