Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elmwood Park

AKA Larry's Park in our household, this park of hilly woods, wooded paths, a fresh clear stream and many naturalistic stairs, edgings, a built-in bench, bridges and stream banks. A new roof is going on the old mill. 
Did you notice that along much of the upper pathway are tall old electric street lights? Syracuse has parks for a city twice its population. In fact it once was a city twice its present size. So the parks aren't lighted much at night any more, and there are many fewer benches. Lack of regular use leads to disuse and misuse. We lack critical mass. This is just one of the imperiled resources of almost any old American industrial city. 
ESF did a bio-blitz on May 23-24, 2003 and found 661 kinds of plants and animals. 
Neighbors, community volunteers and tree stewards have put a lot of time into this great park.  There are dedicated souls picking up trash regularly, and that really shows! Thanks to you all! 

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