Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bear Mountain Bridge

Sunny and cool spring afternoon at Bear Mountain Bridge, headed home from a much too short visit with relatives in Chappaqua.

It is impossible to stop here, so this is through the windshield.

There were hundreds of motorcyclists lucking out on a perfect weekend day at this dramatic narrowing of the Hudson River less than an hour from NYC.

People from the city without cars used to be able take an excursion boat upriver to Bear Mountain State Park for the day. I learned this in 1964 (about the same time the Beatles first apeared on Ed Sullivan...remember?) when I worked in NYC for a woman who made the trip with her elderly husband every Sunday from May to October. They were German immigrants.

A Google search for what is available for a day trip by boat from the city to Bear Mountain today indicates there are pricy tours and maybe not much else. If there are cheap same-day excursions still running, do let me know.

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