Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yellowstone: Old Faithful Inn

The Old House from Observation Point

Lodge pole pine grows everywhere in Yellowstone and becomes the dominant tree species for a time directly after forest fires. It was, as always, plentiful at the time the Inn was built. Architect Robert Reamer designed the interior to remind visitors of their surroundings. On the main floor, for instance, the posts are big trunks. Succeeding floors up to the sixth and highest are smaller and smaller. Reamer also build every child's fantasy tree house at the top. Please read this article about architect Reamer here.

This, incredibly, was our room for 3 nights. The rate for any room for 2 people in the Old House, shared bath, is $103 this year. This is room #46. The Inn has fancier rooms in newer wings. Having to share a bath is small price to pay for staying in the Old House.

This is the most sought-after room at the Old Faithful Inn, on the third floor with views through the windows on the right directly toward Old Faithful: room #229 if you can get it!
Second floor deck during a snow and hail storm.

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  1. It is an incredible inn. I have vague memories of it, though we didn't stay there.