Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Samir Ashkar and Samir's Imported Foods

On the anniversary of our town's loss of a remarkable man:

On February 5, 2012, Samir Ashkar fell asleep in the Lord. Samir was born on June 11, 1954 in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian parents. He emigrated to Syracuse in 1973 and has been a highly respected member of the community ever since. He opened "Samir's Imported Foods" in 1981 and has since left his legacy of A World Without Borders' to every new wave of immigrants that have arrived to his doorstep. Samir made sure to stock the foods of each nationality as they came in his small store, made them feel welcome by offering them a taste of the "old country". A small sign hangs in his store that says "Broken English Spoken Here". Samir's store was like a mini United Nations where you could find almost any nationality shopping side by side and conversing without mention of being enemies in their respective countries. He was secular in his generosity, giving support to churches, mosques and synagogs alike. Samir was a pioneer of introducing middle-eastern food to Central NY by opening a permanent stand at the NY State Fair since 1976. He also had concessions at several area Festivals.  syracuse.com2

Samir was a highly respected businessman, a mentor to many young people, and a true friend to all whom he met. He was an honorable, gentle man and a real man among men. His talents in poetry and art were known to few but were truly admired by those he shared them with. Samir enjoyed his work and shared the fruits of his labors with anyone in need. He loved people and what made him happy was to make others happy. He will be sincerely missed and his legacy of respect will live on through his friends and family forever., 2-7-12

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  1. He sounds like he was a grand fellow indeed. The building really draws my eyes...