Saturday, December 28, 2013

Abandoned Buildings on Route 177, Jefferson County

Route 177 connects Adams Center in Jefferson County to West Lowville in Lewis County. It is the route we most frequently take to go to Stillwater beyond Lewis County in Herkimer County. It crosses the Tug Hill, recipient of copious snow. There is a gradual and significant gain in elevation across its course, and the Maple Ridge wind mill project, with 200 towers, is toward the Lowville side.

We notice many abandoned or unused buildings all along the route, and several more homes only used occasionally or seasonally. The land that Route 177 traverses is primarily open farmland though almost all of the farms are gone now and many have been shut for decades. The road crosses some of the snowiest land in New York State, receiving many feet over the course of an average winter. Barnes Corners, part way along, is famous for this abundance and is a major destination for snowmobilers.

This building is near the western end of the route in Honeyville. It may have been a telephone station. It looks municipal or utility-related. We will locate informants to tell us about it.

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  1. Abandoned though it might be, it feels very enduring.