Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting a Little Wet at Rap-Shaw

Rap-Shaw is actually two islands, Chicken, where I landed from the lake and left my snowshoes, and Williams, where all the buildings but one are located. There is a shallow shoulder of sand and rock between the two, all of which is glacial in nature. Late in summer, and usually through the winter, this shoulder is above water. This year there is about 7 inches of water over the highest part.

I reconnoitered and decided to go for the snow-covered path. Turns out this little bit of snow cover prevented the ice from forming well, and I stepped in, over my boot tops, about half way across. Nothing to do but forge ahead. I had worn my thickest wool socks and insulated boots, and the temperature was actually above freezing, so I suffered not at all. Lucky gal!

Going back to Chicken, I crossed uneventfully on the bare ice. Good lesson, over shallow water.
From up here on the porch of the dining hall we can see that my position was not completely foolhardy.

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  1. The ice does look curious in these pics... but the place feels very inviting!