Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Iceland: The Horses

Our small group of hikers, having gained some altitude, could see the horses and sheep begin cross our field of vision as they descended toward the pens where they assemble for the drive down the valley. They are moving steadily now.  Many of them remembered this last day of highland freedom from previous years, and where they were to go. It was a magnificent and unforgettable sight.

Look at them leap, negotiating this very rough ground with ease.

After a while, as we watched horses below us, we saw that a group was moving fast right toward us from above. We were hunkered down in a shallow gully. They came to the top of the last drop and saw us. They stopped and looked, and looked some more. They were curious. Then they dropped back and grazed and stood about. They came and looked some more.  Finally they saw where they would detour, which was so close to us that we could almost touch them, and then they disappeared down into the stream, joining with yet another group as they went.

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