Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Third Dimension: Onondaga Creekwalk

Looking south, under the Evans Street bridge at the southern edge of Franklin Square, toward Armory Square. There are seven bridges: Evans Street, two West Street southbound ramps, I 690 west and east, and two West Street northbound ramps, before the walk reaches West Genesee. 
Then comes West Erie Boulevard, Washington, Fayette and Walton Streets. Between Erie and Washington the creek runs beneath both Niagara Mohawk buildings and by Water Street, where there is already a currently -gated access from the street.
We have picked trash through here, and canoed from Dorwin Ave. to the harbor. 
There are many architectural and environmental riches to see along the creek. Having this walking and running option will add enormously to the cityscape. 
Now, if the city will only come to its senses and do the master plumbing job that inevitably needs doing, there will never be a time when the walk is an olfactory embarrassment.
A thousand thanks to Aggie Lane and her crew for years of tireless advocacy for the creek!

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