Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stillwater: Esker

Much of the Adirondacks is covered by glacial remnants. Eskers are tall narrow reminders that water flowed beneath the glacier. 

Glacial till carried by streams was deposited along stream beds, forcing the water higher and carving out deeper, that is, taller, channels along the underside of the glacier. Often you come across a road through the Adirondacks that travels along an esker for a distance with banks dropping off steeply on both sides. 

This particular esker, near the floating bog mat in Stillwater, is eroding more recently by changing levels of this dammed-up  lake.  

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  1. Merry,
    This is a great picture of an esker. I am developing a high school glacier slideshow and would like to use this photo in it. May I? This photo clearly shows the sinuous nature of an esker AND the materials it is made up of.