Monday, January 18, 2010

Syracuse History

Owners and planners have preserved many significant downtown buildings and architectural details in Syracuse. 
Genesee Street, a main east-west thoroughfare, meets downtown from the east a few blocks south of where it enters from the west. On the east side is a public space, Fayette Park, and at the west side, Onondaga Creek. The result is several buildings in between with interesting oblique and acute angles to accommodate the early diagonal layout overlain with the grid that came next.
More recently part of Genesee Street has become a walkway, other parts have been obliterated by newer construction, and only one short stretch at Hanover Square still exists as a street in central downtown. If you walk the route, you will find other street-level clues as well.
Buildings pictured here are the State Tower Building and City Hall Commons.
Visit:    for much historic building and neighborhood information.
If you have followed my St. Louis blogs, St. Louis Mosaic and Merry@St.Louis, you know you can expect to see many buildings and details online in coming months.

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  1. Such interesting architecture and history! Two of my favorite subjects. I hope you find more of these gems. :)

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