Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow and More Snow

It has done nothing but snow since we got here on Friday morning. Joli loves the snow and will lay down in it with great joy.

A very nice development since we left sixteen months ago is that the city is taking responsibility for plowing the sidewalks along public spaces like this park near our house. People walking in the streets is always a dangerous situation here, and still the sidewalks in front of rental units don't get shoveled. Homeowners are pretty conscientious. And now the city taking over the parks is a very good thing. If it was done before, it was done by people like me who think a snow blower is a great toy and who love being out right after a storm. There are other equally affected people. Lately, since we don't have our blower out yet, someone from down the street who we don't know yet has been coming up at least as far as our house. What a fine thing to do. Thanks!  

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