Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Round Lake

Yes, I jazzed up this photo. I have finally switched to RAW and am having so much fun.
Round Lake and its companion, Green Lake, collectively within Green Lakes State Park, are plunge basins. So much of the topography in upstate NY is explained by the relentless action of glaciers. Here, a lake of melt water on top of a glacier at least a mile thick broke loose with a waterfall that bore these holes, both over 175 feet deep. The lakes are primarily spring-fed. There is a third plunge basin a few miles away at Clark Reservation, also dramatic and interesting in its geology and botany.
Round Lake is designated a Registered Natural Landmark, giving it and the surrounding old forest additional protection. 
There is an air of mystery attached to the lakes. People will tell you that they are bottomless. 


  1. How beautiful & very interesting information on such a place, too. Enjoyed my visit!

  2. So what did you do to the photo? Was it much darker? I haven't tried using RAW files, that's why I'm curious...