Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scrap? American Fortitude in Oswego

The American Fortitude, a cargo ship that travelled up and down the Great Lakes for nearly 60 years carrying grains and minerals, is currently tied up in Oswego Harbor until around April 15 when it may be headed off to be scrapped, or it may be revitalized, though boatnurds say it is outdated and will need too much work for that to be cost effective. 

I didn't know there are boatnurds until I did a bit of research on her. They are folks devoted to working boats who know and watch them like old friends, and there are a lot of them.

Here is an article about her with some terrific photos at work: An informative discussion follows the article.

Also, there is the Facebook page Boatnerd, and the website Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping 

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  1. These lake freighters are a common sight both sides of the border. I remember seeing them on the Ontario shore of Lake Ontario.