Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ottawa: Skating on the Rideau Canal

We were in Ottawa last week for skating and a dining spree: The Black Cat, Frasier, Les Fougeres. Could it get any better than that? 

Ed, the super-taster, was delighted at every turn, not that I minded the indulgence.

I thrilled to glide again on Ottawa's historic, gigantic skating rink, coming in at Patterson Creek on a super cold clear morning. Not many people around this early; brand new surface. It was almost scary...the smoothness and vastness of the expanse of hard water! 

Patterson Creek, surrounded by an old residential neighborhood, flows into the Rideau. With its lovely heated Chalet it's a handy point of access.


  1. I love that creek inlet. It's an area that gives novice skaters a place to go if they might feel a bit intimidated by being out on the Canal. It was a good season, though the Canal opened late- no closure for warmups after it opened, so there were 59 days of straight skating this time. The season ended officially on Monday.

  2. Sounds like you had all you could handle indoors and out.