Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rap-Shaw: Late February

February 26: snow on the island above the knees; the lowest water/ice level I've seen, so that stumps and mounds have appeared in new places. There have been negative reports about Stillwater from snowmobilers unfamiliar with the terrain who strayed from the main trail. No wonder: gigantic piles of rocks, stumps, bumps, cracks in the ice as it bottomed out in places and became draped over high profile features. 
[from the Facebook page about Rap-Shaw Club that I moderate.]

[US Geological Survey 2-year graph for Stillwater levels.]


  1. The lake levels do look like they'll need serious replenishment. Hopefully the snow over the winter, when it melts, will help that along.

  2. It will be completely full by mid-June. They'll start tinkering with it as soon as it warms up enough to raise the creeks, so that water comes over the ice where the ice is stuck to the bottom; or raise it, separating it from the shore. Either way, getting to the island in April is always dicey.

    We're making our winter jaunt to Ottawa at the end of the week! Staying in the Glebe; going skating if the ice holds! Keeping my eyes peeled for you!