Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Paper and String: Ampersand from Grassy Point and Long Lake Bridge

My photo toward the High Peaks from Stillwater Landing elicited some conversation on Adirondack Almanack's Facebook page about a peak visible from Grassy Point, a flat open area further up the Stillwater Flow. I finally resorted to actually looking at a paper map and laying out string between points, etc. Stillwater Landing is at the blue pin at the lower left corner of the map; Grassy Point is just east of that.

Ampersand is the peak of which we speak.  On the map it is located at the upper right hand corner of the map approximately at the top blue pin. It is further north but still primarily east from Stillwater. Those who know the beautiful view from Long Lake bridge, at the other low pin toward the right and two thirds of the way across the map, may be interested to learn that the big mountain in the distance is Ampersand, straight up the lake.

The other two blue pins are at Seward Mountain, upper, and Santanoni Peak, below.

I am now interested to take closer looks at the High Peaks from Stillwater Mountain fire tower, Bald Mountain near Old Forge, and Blue Mountain. 

Will wait for a crisp cold day for each. Glad winter is here!

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