Friday, September 26, 2014

Dorset Ontario: Robinson's General Store


  1. The mural's a nice touch! I love this place, it's practically an institution, and so much to find in there too.

    And if one's going up the fire tower, the village is so close anyway.

    If you went over here, I assume you stopped by Henrietta's.

  2. Nope, missed it, and there was a thunderstorm so we had to skip the tower, too.
    Earlier we went to the Wolf Center at Haliburton Forest. I came away feeling pretty sad and also angry at what seems like a dead end for that line of wolves, bred forever into captivity. They are not healthy (difficult cases of worms right now), and they seem much like some man's hobby. What is your take on it?
    Robinson's store was interesting enough. Also it was good to get a better sense of "cottage country."

  3. I have not been to that wolf center. I rather prefer them out in the wild. The sound of wolf howls, which I've heard close enough in that area that they had to have been in the woods beyond the property line, is magic.

    Henrietta's is a must to drop in at bakery up at the corner of Highway 35 and 60. If you're ever up there again, check it out.