Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ottawa: Intrepid Traveler

The Ottawa River is high, fast and complicated. Yet this single traveler moves cautiously but easily upstream aboard a big and fully loaded kayak. It looks like he is on a long camping and paddling trip on this challenging river. The water is still very cold, too. I am full of admiration though would be reluctant to try what he is confidently doing.
He is below Parliment Hill heading upstream. Chaudière Falls in partially visible in the left distance.
Just beyond him, at the line, the upriver water is pushing hard up against the eddy in the foreground and then powerfully diving downward under it. You could get badly caught up in that!


  1. I find myself wondering if this is the same kayaker I saw on the Rideau River!

    Nice capture!

    1. I took it around noon or a little later on Saturday, May 10, just up-river from the corner at the bottom of the several locks. What do you think?