Thursday, April 24, 2014

Landscap Details Revealed in Lower Onondaga Park

A city crew removed brush, cleaned up this old stone retaining wall, and planted shrubs and perennials last year. The building is still boarded up.

The loss of so many people to the suburbs in the last century meant Syracuse now lacks the population density to support and maintain the parks as they once were. One can spot old carriage paths, rock gardens and grottos, ball fields, lamp posts, overgrown plantings, and concession and community buildings everywhere. The parks have character. There are pleasant surprises to be found in every one of them.

It is easy to imagine that once upon a time far greater numbers of people enjoyed long rides, strolls, and picnics in these gems. Sheer numbers meant one felt safe at any hour of the day or night.

People who are still here love their parks, form associations for their preservation and maintenance, keep them picked up, advocate for them, raise money for bulbs, plants and landscaping, restore and repurpose buildings, and create annual events that get people out! They are passionate!

The city will support these efforts, deliver compost upon request, pick up brush and trash, take away diseased and dead trees, contract for mowing. It opens the pools and reserves shelters for family reunions.

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  1. It's a beautiful setting.

    The problem of city density versus suburban living is common here as well.