Saturday, March 15, 2014

Downtown Manhattan from JFK

...with the teeny, tiny Fujifilm F850EXR, 25 mm wide, 20x zoom, red. Not too bad.

I also brought to Morocco a Fujifilm XP water proof and shock proof, 5x wide optical zoom, blue.

These cameras represents the compromise I accept when traveling without a car. I weigh the possibility of damage or loss, extra weight, extra complication of setting up shots. In Morocco I did not want to be burdened with fear of losing or damaging expensive pieces of equipment. The desert, where we would spend most of our time, has a lot of sand (though most of it is rocky) and some windstorms. I do not like the distance from other people that any camera adds to my presence. I was traveling with a few other people whose main purpose was birding, not sightseeing, so requesting a stop added an imposition I did not want to overuse.

I kept the red camera in a small weatherproof bag when not in use.

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