Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rap-Shaw From the Barge

As a volunteer searching for invasive aquatic species on Stillwater Reservoir, I spent an overnight at Beaver River so that I could take a survey of the upper part of the flow, and also so that I could, it turns out, get a good look at what naturally grows in Stillwater. I found no aquatic invasives . I did find a single patch of purple loosestrife and tore it out. That bit of shoreline will bear keeping an eye on.

Getting to the hamlet of Beaver River requires going by boat or foot in the summer, or one can get a place for one's car, with canoe on top, on the barge, as I did, and drive the last 6 or so miles on the 6-Mile Road from the landing to the village.
This is a view of Rap-Shaw, summer respite on Stillwater for 60 cooperating families including us, as the barge passes by on the way to the landing.

I stayed overnight in modest accommodations owned by the Thompson family and ate in their very comfortable restaurant. I met or re-met several welcoming BR folks. I like BR because it is a unique and special place, remote, quiet and nearer to interesting parts of the upper Flow. Since wind is a huge factor for a canoeist on this body of water, being closer can be critical for access. 

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