Friday, July 15, 2011

The Jane Hotel in NYC

The Jane is a hotel find in NYC. Near Chelsea and just 2 blocks south of the southern end of the High Line, next to the Hudson  River in the far west Village, it is a perfect place for a solo traveler on a budget. My room was $90. The rooms are tiny, with a built-in single bed (or bunk beds for 2), AC, and communal baths.The cafe off the lobby, Gitano, is open convenient hours and serves good food. 

Major west side subway stations at 14th St. are close by, as is the Chelsea Market.

People working at the hotel and cafe are all reliable and friendly. The hotel is small enough that one can forget about the anonymity of NYC's monstrosity hotels, which adds elements of comfort and safety.

There are a few rooms of a more normal size and price and with private bath, and still the advantages of the Jane are many. 

Doing travel reports isn't usually my speciality, but I think this place is wonderful and recommend it highly given the limitations I mentioned.

I rode the train to Penn Station, walked three blocks south and west to the top end of the High Line at 30th St. Twenty blocks of High Line beauty later I was a mere two blocks from The Jane. Perfect.

I took a Megabus home. The schedule worked better for me than the train, and it is nice having the choice. The price is unbeatable, the stop in NYC is right behind Penn Station, and therefore even closer to the High Line than the train.

Neither train nor bus ticket was more expensive because it was one-way. 

New York is so big that I prefer to go there with a very finite list of things to do. This trip worked out very well. 

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