Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wapati or American Elk

We saw nine male elk together in this open area just inside Rocky Mountain National Park above Estes Park this morning, resting and grazing. They were only mildly alarmed by us. What a sight! 

We drove about 6 miles further into the park, reaching an elevation of 9691' at Many Parks Curve. Beyond here the road across the top of the park to Granby is closed from October to June.

We were foiled in our desire to see big views of the Rockies by an intermittent translucent icy fog. There was blue sky in breaks, and near views of Ponderosa Pine, valley parks and rocky knobs. 

The temperature was below zero, so the snow-packed roads were not slippery. 

Now we're back in Denver, waiting to see how the huge storm from Oklahoma to New England will affect Megan's flight plan tomorrow and mine on Thursday.

I expect to be back home and shoveling out most of Friday.

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