Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art in Denver

The Kirkland Museum in Denver has three major collections: a retrospective of Vance Kirkland's paintings from all of his several periods; a collection of more than 3300 pieces of decorative art, furniture and glass, by the great designers of the 20th century; and a fine collection of Colorado art.
When you visit Denver, do not miss this museum!

This is Vance Kirkland's studio.  He worked on larger canvasses by laying them flat on the table, applying paint from above while laying in the straps. The paints he developed couldn't be applied on a vertical canvass, and these straps solved his problem of how to reach to the center of large canvasses. You can see an early skate board just to the right of the step ladder. He put his canvas on boards and so was able to move his paintings easily as he worked. He signed many paintings on more than one edge because he wanted them to be viewed from any side and not be limited by where he happened to put his signature.

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