Saturday, March 6, 2010

Maple Syrup

One of my favorite signs of spring in the Northeast.  Mr. Leonard at 85 makes maple syrup every year. I have been buying from him for years. 
Of course I didn't see him last year because we were in St. Louis, but I thought about him. 
I found him at the Regional Market today selling the first syrup of this season. 
When I told that we lived the past year in St. Louis, he told me that he has moved about 20 feet in his whole life. 
Also, when he turned over the farm to his son, he and his wife visited all 50 states and he still feels there is no place like home, which is in the hilly country south of Cortland.
Mr. Leonard and I, if we are related, have to go back a long way.  We have discussed this and only know for sure that our relatives crossed the north Atlantic at least a couple of hundred years ago.

I bought a gallon. My downfall.

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