Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I had never seen a lacrosse game before yesterday. Syracuse University has a winning team. After reading John McPhee's recent article in the New Yorker I wanted very much to go.
Pre-game warmup taught me a lot about different moves and how the ball goes into play. It is a hard, fast game and I enjoyed watching it a lot. I will go again. 
There are several more home games, both men's and women's. 
Later in the spring the season starts at the Onondaga Nation, where they play an even harder and faster game, box lacrosse, about which John McPhee also wrote in the New Yorker a year or two ago.
I recommend both articles as well worth reading even if you never plan to go to a game, though it may make you, too, want to.
Syracuse beat Villanova 20-6.  I had a tremendous experience and a lot of fun trying to capture some of the action. 

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