Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mackinac Bridge on a Very Rainy Day

On the second day of our "trip of a lifetime" adventure to Glacier National Park in NW Montana, we crossed the Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Bridge connecting the lower and upper Michigan peninsulas. 

Glacier NP is a little more than twenty-one hundred miles from home. We planned to use 5 days to drive out, with the last day a shorter one so the northern Rocky Mountains would come up in full view in the morning.

We left home on Tuesday, June 14, drove to Niagara Falls and crossed into Ontario at the Lewiston Bridge. We always feel so very welcome coming into Canada.

We arrived back into the US at Port Huron, north of Detroit. We always feel so very unwelcome coming back into the States. The paranoia and fear runs deep here.

On the second day we drove up the Michigan lower peninsula, crossed this beautiful bridge and landed finally, for the night, at Escanaba MI. It poured all day.

Below, looking back at the Mackinac Bridge.

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  1. The Mackinac is a spectacular bridge. I've been on it twice.