Thursday, February 11, 2016

At Fifty-five, Mt. Van Hoevenberg's "Modern" Base Building Due To Be Replaced

This Modern-design base building at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, the sliding sports training facility and concession near Lake Placid, at 55 years old is a piece of history that apparently has outlived its usefulness. The building is too small. 

The Authority that runs the Olympic Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg owns far more sliding sports artifacts such as sleds for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton, and other memorabilia, will build a bigger space to develop a much needed museum and will presumably tear down this building in the process. 

Can you hear nostalgia in my post? 

Should an example of Modern winter sports architecture be saved in its own right? Should it give way to a newer building designed to hold its history? Why can't the building itself be seen as a cool part of that history?

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  1. I rather like the design of this one. Better to leave it in place.