Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Community Store: The Adirondack's Own and Adirondack Owned, in Saranac Lake

When Wal-Mart was pounding on the door of tiny Saranac Lake, local people explored the idea of a locally owned store that would not compete with any other store in town, and that would be the place where folks could go for items for which they otherwise drove to Plattsburgh such as, made famous one year in the Winter Carnival Parade, underpants!
The group sold shares to raise enough capital to open and guarantee a cushion to get through the early years. Now, five years in, the store's future is looking very bright indeed. Cheers, to The Community Store! and to all who put so much sweat, elbow grease and investment into its success!
Oh, and Walmart went away.

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  1. A very good idea. And all the better that Wal Mart went away. That company is a pestilence.