Friday, August 7, 2015

Upper Stillwater Reservoir

We spent a night at the Norridgewock Lodge at Beaver River. The next day we returned to the landing by water taxi. The day was spectacularly beautiful. We had gone up the day before on the sightseeing boat.

Beaver River is a hamlet served by no road. One gets there by way of a barge that will carry your car across to the Six Mile Road, or by water taxi, a sightseeing boat or your own power boat, canoe or kayak. By water it is about 8 miles from the landing.

You can also walk from Twitchell Lake on a well maintained trail.

In winter you can get to Beaver River by snow machine along abandoned railroad tracks or over the frozen reservoir.

Sea planes are also available from 6th Lake on the Fulton Chain at Inlet.

There are a week or two in the fall, and another week or two in the spring when the reservoir cannot be crossed by boat or snow machine. During that time the folks who live in Beaver River use various rigs converted to railroad track-worthy machines. It's unclear to me whether this is actually legal, but no one seems concerned.

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