Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saranac Lake: Hotel Saranac and the Dew Drop Inn

We are spending the weekend at Saranac Lake with friends.

Years ago, when Ed and I first came to Saranac Lake together, we stayed here, at the Hotel Saranac. The rooms were plain and practical, and one could get a very nice dinner in the dining room.

After Paul Smith's College sold it, it fell on some very hard times and we all feared it might be lost.

Last year a new owner took over and is investing in major restoration and renovation, to the delight of town residents and visitors alike. We very much look forward to seeing the results, and to staying and having a meal there once again. 

Now it's the Dew Drop Inn that is in danger of being lost. It is for sale, and it needs lots of stabilization before it even passes code. The sign is classic.

fyi: Paul Smiths, the village, has no apostrophe; Paul Smith's, the college at Paul Smiths, has an apostrophe.

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  1. Quite a contrast between the two. Hopefully the Dew Drop gets those restorations.