Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boats and Canals of Venice, part 3: Traghatti, Police, Private, Chauffeured, Cruise, Ferry, Antique, Services

...cross-canal gondalas can be handy; mainly used by locals.


Private Boats 

Hotel Chauffeur
...brings guests directly from the airport on the mainland.

Cruise Boats 
This cruise boat is small, a river cruiser. 
Huge cruise ships with 14 decks drop thousands of passengers 
for a day of sightseeing in Venice many times a week. 
Some have their own boats to bring people to St. Mark's Plaza. 
Other times, people take public transportation. Tourism is the lifeblood of Venice now 
and at the same time destroying it as a livable city. 
Several times in Florence and Venice I felt I were in a Disney theme park.

Car Ferries 

Several islands in the lagoon have automobiles and roads.


Public Services 

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