Saturday, January 19, 2013

Heidelberg Bakery at the Regional Market

Saturday mornings at the Regional Market are always an adventure. 

Today we found our favorite coffee, Forty Weight, and a new booth for us, Geppetto's Wood Shoppe from West Monroe with original whirligigs for gardens or yards. [There will be snaps of their wares tomorrow.] 

Then we discovered that Heidelberg is at the market. Home is Herkimer for this excellent, non-industrial bakery. We love the Sourdough and the French Peasant. Cheers!


  1. Like the market in winter series. By the way Heidelberg has bread at Naturtime (not certain I'm spelling that correctly) on Erie Blvd. They have French Peasant bread there but when last I saw it was sliced and or course in a plastic bag. In a pinch....

    1. We find it at Green Hills and at Real Food Coop. Yum!