Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strathmore by the Park: Brochure from 1919 and Modern Photos

Late in the winter Sean Kirst, our favorite blogger of people and ideas important to Syracuse life and our stories here, produced a brochure from 93 years ago. 
In 1919 developers opened up a large tract for single family homes on the southwest edge of the city, near drinking water reservoirs and Onondaga Park.

This topo map from 1893 will show people familiar with the city how this undeveloped land appeared then. The corner of Bellevue and Onondaga Street is in the upper center, indicated by your blogger's attempt to create an unobtrusive reference point, a brown circle. Other familiar streets are Geddes and Glenwood, whose intersection is also marked with a small circle. Roberts and Robineau were not yet built.

Very early homes on the new tract.
A Ward Wellington Ward!

They built the garage first.

The last two sets of pictures are not in Strathmore by the Park. The developers wanted prospective buyers to know that they would be rubbing elbows with affluent and tasteful people. The upper end of northern Summit is within what is known simply as Strathmore, across the park from Strathmore by the Park.
The northern end of Robineau, on a hilltop overlooking the reservoir, was not part of the development, though it was included in the brochure. To sell the style of the neighborhood? No doubt.

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