Thursday, January 5, 2012

Automobile Logos

Can anyone guess (or know) where this combination of logos is located (on a commercial building near downtown Syracuse)? They are at the same location as yesterday's post.

The upper logo is Cadillac. How about the lower logo?
NOTE to seekers of Spain photos: Not all are posted yet (as of noon on Friday); those that are will be found scattered through November and December. 

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  1. A friend emailed me:
    "As I have not yet seen a comment on your car logo question I thought I'd step in.The second logo is that of the Lasalle, a G.M.. creation to fill a perceived gap between the Buick and the top of the line Cadillac. The combination of the the two logos represents the Cadillac/Lasalle Club.
    I hope that helps. J..."