Saturday, August 13, 2011

High Peaks in the Whites

Treeless Mt. Washington, looking east from Mt. Tom. Washington is in the clouds more time than not. This break lasted 3 or 4 hours. 
North and South Hancock, looking south from Mt. Tom.

Mt. Washington was my first peak in the Whites, with a camp group when I was 12 or 13. 

I had already been up it in the car with my parents. We stayed on top in the hotel, now long gone. 

More recently I went up it in winter in a snow cat with a group for an overnight at the Observatory, a wonderful experience with some education thrown in.

There are 48 peaks officially over 4000' in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I readily admit to being a peak bagger. On this trip I hiked up my numbers 32. Mt. Waumbek, 33. Mt. Tom, and 34. Cannon Mountain, over 6 days. I am feeling pretty happy about that, and wishing I had done them all when I was a lot younger.

Remaining? Carrigain, Willey, Isolation, Wildcat, Wildcat D, Carters Dome, Middle and and South, Moriah, Osceola, Tripyramids North and Middle, Cabot, and Owl's Head.

Yep. I left some doozies till last.

Somebody just recently asked me why I would hike up Cannon when I could go up in the aerial tramway.  

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