Sunday, December 26, 2010

WSYR Radio's Historic Home

WSYR was always at the low end of the radio dial and where we tuned in to hear about snow-caused school closings.
Otherwise it was a boring station for children.
This building, the AM Transmitter, is still being used. I think it is a handsome building.
The studios are in downtown Syracuse.
Take a look at the link below for photos of many of the radio personalities and station staff that were household names for years. You will find many familiar names.
There is a photo of the station years ago, too, as well as photos of the studios when they were housed in the Syracuse Hotel, along with the station's story from its inception in 1922 in Cazenovia. 


  1. thanks for the picture (and the confirmation that this is on Valley Drive (across from the cemetery)) and the link. Starting with Fred Hillegas I remember these folks. I always liked that building, sturdy but avant.

  2. What a wonderful photo and post. Thanks. Please take a moment to check out the special New Year's Eve post at Portland Oregon Daily Photo.