Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glenn Curtiss Elementary School in Hammondsport

The Glenn Curtiss Elementary School, in Hammondsport at the south end of Keuka Lake, closed in June 2010 after 75 years of use. It is a classic Depression-era building, forward looking with hope, and with art-deco features.
The text on the frieze:

Seek ye diligently life's virtues: 
reverence, honor, 
industry, frugality, 
faithfulness, patriotism.

The students are serious. Enlarge the picture to see the tree details, bird, squirrel and acorns above them. 
The newer school will now house all grades. School enrollment has dropped and technology has changed in this small district, enough to render the Elementary building redundant and obselete. The building is for sale.

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