Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cannonsville Reservoir

One of several impoundments north of New York City, Cannonsville is the westernmost of NYC's water supplies at the edge of the Catskills. 

Modest boating and fishing are allowed; very strict rules apply. Use is by permit; boat bottoms must be commercially cleaned before launching; boats are launched by hand; no trailers can touch the water. 

In Delaware County, this beautiful valley was once a farming community with villages, schools and churches. Local  people resisted seeing their community leveled and drowned.

The water is pristine and priceless. I wonder why anyone in NYC would buy another bottle of plastic water if they could see this place.

Very recent good news is that the EPA has banned hydrofracking in NYC and Syracuse watersheds. This reservoir and many others including our own Skaneateles Lake are safe for now from the terrible threats that natural gas exploration and development pose in this region.

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